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<![CDATA[Nasa timelapse paints 'most complete picture of life' to date]]>

<![CDATA[Scientists call the new timelapse video the "most complete global picture of life on Earth to date".]]>

<![CDATA[Avatar therapy 'reduces power of schizophrenia voices']]>

<![CDATA[Patients became less distressed and heard voices less often compared with those who had counselling.]]>

<![CDATA[Galapagos finches caught in act of becoming new species]]>

<![CDATA[A population of finches on the Galapagos is discovered in the process of becoming a new species.]]>

<![CDATA[Dolly the sheep health fears 'unfounded']]>

<![CDATA[Concerns that Dolly the cloned sheep had early-onset arthritis were unfounded, scientists say.]]>

<![CDATA[Deep fat fryers may help form cooling clouds]]>

<![CDATA[The fatty acids released in cooking may help form clouds that cool the climate, say scientists.]]>

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