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<![CDATA[Striker Robinho given jail term for rape]]>

<![CDATA[Brazilian footballer Robinho is sentenced to nine years in prison for raping a woman with four other men in a Milan nightclub in 2013.]]>

<![CDATA[San Juan submarine: 'Explosion' dashes crew survival hopes]]>

<![CDATA[An "abnormal, singular, short, violent, non-nuclear event" was recorded, the Argentine navy said.]]>

<![CDATA[World's only particle accelerator for art is back at the Louvre]]>

<![CDATA[The world's only particle accelerator used in the analysis of art has undergone major refurbishment.]]>

<![CDATA[Finland rolls out bread made from crushed crickets]]>

<![CDATA[Insect-eating is common in many parts of the world. In the West, it is perceived as a niche diet.]]>

<![CDATA[German coalition talks: Pressure mounts on SPD to review position]]>

<![CDATA[The leader of the Social Democrats faces calls to reconsider an alliance with Chancellor Merkel.]]>

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