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At UEFA, Mounting Concern About A.C. Milan’s Murky Finances

UEFA will decide early next month whether A.C. Milan, a seven-time European champion, has the financial resources to re-enter its continental championships should it play its way back in.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi Discussed Buying Company Linked to Bribes

The influential Qatari soccer executive accused of bribing FIFA’s second in command negotiated to buy a sports company at the center of a federal corruption case.

On Soccer: At West Brom, Tony Pulis’s Game of Substance Goes Out of Style

Pulis’s pragmatic approach led to adequate results for West Bromwich but also led to disaffected fans and, ultimately, his firing this weekend.

On Soccer: French Rivals Hope P.S.G.’s Spotlight Has Room for Them

In France’s top league, a few teams argue that mere association with the biggest, richest team on the block will be good for business.

Debate at the FIFA Trial: Witness Tampering or Itchy Skin?

Prosecutors argued that two apparent throat-slitting gestures made by a defendant were an attempt to intimidate. A defense lawyer said his client had to scratch his neck.

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